Sveicam Bellu un viņas saimnieku 3 gadu kopdzīvē! 🙏🌞🎉

Bella turns 3! Let’s celebrate with a STORY CHALLENGE! (LV) Belliņai paliek 3! STĀSTU IZAICINĀJUMS! Here’s a story about Bella, my cat I adopted from animal shelter Ulubele. In this time of isolation, for many pets at home are the best thing that could happen to them, as they give emotional and psychological support in this time of stress.

Considering there are many kinds of interesting challenges around the globe, feel free to share your story about you and your pet, or a pet of your close one, especially those who have been adopted, thus sending a positive vibe around the globe and perhaps encouraging someone else to take an animal from a shelter. ”Good day, my name is Bella, and Im turning 3 years old in April! Since the moment Eduards took me from the animal shelter, I am happily living in town called Ķekava.

My hobbies are:

• Listening to piano music. Im a particular fan of Chopin. I also enjoy singing along to live piano music played at my house, thus adding additional layer of melody, because what can be better than polyphonic music!

• Sitting on the window sill and taking in the view. All day.

• Then there are days when I follow strict and highly difficult regime – eat, play and sleep, eat, play and sleep, and repeat. All day.

• Hunting. Im an author of a book called ”How to hunt mouses, birds and.. moles”.

• To play around.

I am really pleased that for more than 2 years now I have my own home. I do hope that this is also the case to so many of my other brothers and sisters around the world, and if not, I wish them all to find their new homes real soon!