Palīdzēsim Ukrainas bēgļiem ar mājdzīvniekiem un DzAO, kas glābj karadarbībā cietušos dzīvniekus.

Dear friends,

We are the biggest nokill animal shelter in Latvia – sheltering 500 animals. We are shocked about the ongoing violence and the suffers that have to bear all the beings who are now in Ukraine.

And we cannot be just calm witnessers – we and our volunteers offer our help in any way it can be necessary to rescue and shelter animals from the war zone:

1) offering temporary homes for refugees with animals;

2) sheltering – temporary homes for abandoned pets;

3) sending donated food etc. for Ukrainian shelters and rescued animals;

4) transportation pets or families with pets from the border or collcecting points to Latvia.  

IMPORTANT! Since the beginning of military conflict, Latvian officials have  softened entry rules for refugees and animals – no documents (chips, vaccination passports etc) required – free veterinary appointment entering the border. About this:

Hope to be in touch asap and give a chance for life.
Very sincerely, Animal shelter Ulubele